Saturday, March 25, 2017

Module 9 - Flowline Mapping Lab Assignment

For this week's lab assignment we had to create a flow map of immigration into the United States in 2007 in Adobe Illustrator. We had to create proportional flow lines using the cubed statistics root derived from the immigration statistics provided by the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. We were able to choose from two map layouts to work with, and I felt up for a challenge this week so I chose the option that would be tougher to create the flow lines because I needed practice using the pen tool. I made sure the layer containing the flow lines was the lowest layer so it would not obscure any of the islands. I also changed the color of the flow lines to match the color of the continent of origin and made them slightly transparent. I also added a drop shadow to the flow lines to make them pop. Overall, I really enjoyed this lab and felt that it greatly improved my skills in Adobe Illustrator.

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