Sunday, June 18, 2017

Module 4 - Natural Hazards - Hurricanes Lab Assignment

This week's lab assignment was interesting and intricate. We learned all about hurricanes and tropical cyclones, and we learned about the devastating Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast of the United States in 2012. We had two portions of our lab this week. For the first portion we tracked Hurricane Sandy's path and mapped the FEMA affected states. We created XY data points from an excel file of Sandy's movements and used the point to line tool to create the path. We also learned how to use expressions to create specific label layouts, and learned how to create our own symbols. For the second portion of the lab we tried our hand at damage assessment mapping. We learned how to edit domain properties and coded values, and created new data points assigned with these coded values in an editing session. We compared pre-storm and post-storm aerial imagery and tried to rank the level of damage for each parcel on a street in the damage assessment area. It was much harder than I anticipated to determine how damaged the structure was from the aerials in some cases. Overall it was a very interesting lab and I enjoyed working with raster data more.

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